our vision

Northlands Medical Group envisions itself as the leading provider of organisational medical & health solutions in Namibia and beyond.We aim to leave an indelible legacy in each and every client we will serve, regardless of size or sector, as a result of excellencyand consistency ofservice deliveryand delivery on promises.

our Mission

Our misssion it to:

  • Deliver need and risk based, scalable, efficient and integrated occupational medical and health solutions of high quality to all our clients, in a manner that achieves complete customer satisfaction
  • Provide cost-effective, affordable and competitively priced services to all clients
  • Build and maintain a robust network of virtual skilled resources and skills that can be mobilized swiftly should a project(s) demand that.
  • To leverage next generation innovations and technologies in our service delivery and aim to continuously improve the service delivery methodologies

our values

  • Empathy
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Ethics
  • Sustainability
  • Service driven