Accreditation Status

1. Ministry of Health & Social Services as Occupational Medical Practitioner.
2. Ministry of Works & Transport (Department of Maritime Affairs) as Seafarer / Offshore medical examiner.
3. Food & Beverages examiners


Factories and Manufacturing Plants, Mines, Construction, Seafarers, Corporates, Charcoal Industry etc

  • General medical consultations and procedures;
  • Workplace Health Risk Assessment(HRA), in collaboration with occupational/industrial hygienists;
  • Pre-employment (Fit-to-work), Periodic & Ad hoc (Fit-for-work) and Exit Medicals, including executivesmedicals;
  • Legal Compliance audits and alignment;
  • Food handler, TVET/VCT entry medicals & Traveller medicals and advice;
  • General medical and primary health care solutions (On site/Off-site);
  • Risk-based Medical surveillance services through clinical exams, lab tests, Spirometry, audiogram, allergytests , psychological assessments, etc, based on occupational exposure risk profiles (OREPs)
  • Organisational wellness and primary health care turnkey solutions;
  • Public health and business evaluative/operational research e.g. impact of organisation health on employees and on the organisational performance, profitability, sustainability and return of investment (ROE).