We believe a health workforce is a productive and motivated one. Therefore, we offer Corporate Health and Wellness services to enterprises/companies in all sectors of the economic endeavour, especially at our two Windhoek practices that are located in Industrial areas of Prosperita and Southern Industrial Area
We categorise these service into two broad areas, that is, occupational health services and corporate executive health services.

Under occupational health services we do pre-employment, annual and exit examinations and emergency treatment) for general and exposed staff, as well as offer preventative and curative services. Corporate Executive Services, we have designed packages for the busy executive at middle to upper management levels who battle illness but are too busy to sit in a Doctor’s consulting Room.

We thus offer Dial-a- Doctor/Nurse service where the executive can call our office and we go over to them for check-up or to despatch a prescription or a refill from our partner pharmacies. We also link up with para-medical service providers such as Pyschologists, Counsellors, and so forth, appropriate fro the condition (s) /problem.